The digitalSTROM technology community

The digitalSTROM technology community enables organizations from industry, research and application to integrate with digitalSTROM.

The digitalSTROM Standard

All customers expect digitalSTROM devices to work correctly, regardless of their manufacturer. This is secured by the digitalSTROM Standard. It defines uniform device behavior and sets rules for seamlessly integrating services and applications. The digitalSTROM Standard protects investments of device manufacturers and software developers.

The dS-ready certification

Based on a certification procedure digitalSTROM AG awards the dS-ready logo to qualified devices and services. The logo ensures the end user that the device or service follows the digitalSTROM Standard and seamlessly integrates with the digitalSTROM System.

The developer community

Our system is based on open interfaces and orchestrates the interaction of all components. This is especially attractive to manufacturers who want to integrate your components and your expertise in the digital power system.

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