Certification Process Types

The certification process is based on the digitalSTROM Standard publications and depends on the type of product and the interface used to integrate with the digitalSTROM System.

Declaration based Certification

The digitalSTROM AG offers a simplified procedure for products that integrate fully digitalSTROM-ready certified and unmodified HW modules. Thus certification is based on the declarations made by the partner member in the application form.

Test based Certification

This type of certification includes testing of the product with respect to the digitalSTROM Standard norms applicable for the specific product.

Recertification of a Product

This process is open to already certified products that are modified thru a hard- or software update.
The certificate holder shall list all changes to the product. He shall declare the conformity of the product to the newest versions of the digitalSTROM Standard norms applicable to the product. Relevant Norms for the product are listed here. Based on this information, the digitalSTROM AG will decide whether a Test based Certification is needed for recertification or the Declaration based Process is sufficient to issue a Marks Approval for the updated product. Pricing is according to the certification process chosen for the product.

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